Breathing Life by nicholas aufiero

Today I decided I would do a little renovating around the website. I took a while to really reflect on my long term goals and to make sure my website catered to those needs. I hope the new spin is to everyone's liking. Please shoot me a like/share on social media if you like what I do and want to support me chasing my dreams. 

Thanks for all the love and support. 

Ello, All!! by nicholas aufiero

Been a while since I was able to get on here and just drop a line so I figured I would do so. I am currently running a special for the month of July. If you know anyone who has a need for a photographer please be sure to refer them my way! I have been staying busy with swapping gear and trying to work more with local families. I will be updating the blog a lot more often with a lot of tech info and gear choices.

thanks again and I will ttys!